Alicia Hughes is researching William Hunter’s collection of anatomical drawings, held in the University of Glasgow’s special collections.

Michelle McGachie is an interdisciplinary researcher working on informed consent in the collection of genetic data for medical research.

Lydia Murtezaoglu is studying Second Cities of Empire: Glasgow and Calcutta.

Mona O’Brien is researching the medical, social and emotional history of syphilis in early modern Europe; she tweets from @monaob1.

Frances Osis is using a mix of archives and DNA from preserved anatomical specimens to understand how venereal disease was classified in the enlightenment. Frances tweets from @f_osis.

Dominic Reed‘s research looks at medical confidentiality and domestic violence.

Thomas Sefton is a geologist considering Lord Kelvin’s contributions to geoscience and the shape of interdisciplinary research in the 19th Century. He very occasionally tweets from @ThSefton.

Rebecca Whiting is researching the history of collections of Iraqi archives created by the Ba’ath Party and security forces which were taken from Iraq and are held in the USA.

Michelle Craig is researching provenance in William Hunter’s library. This collection is now held in Glasgow University Library’s Special Collections department.